Playwrights in the Guild of Creative Art, Shrewsbury

"Soul Mates- written by Mary Carol Stunkel

               Dawn Gaylardo- Woman

                     Joe Fernandes- Man

        Evan & David Levy.

The Guild of Creative Art and PlaywrightsSpeak, presents: “Playwrights in the Guild” #3 , Plays Inspired by our local playwrights  and their interpretations of the paintings and photographs below. This event was held on November 11th 2018, to a packed audience of over 76 people! 

Alitia Faccone,  Stephanie Griffin, Mary Carol Stunkel, Dawn Gaylardo, Joe Fernandes, Veronica Vasquez, Mona Davidson, Shelia Duane, Rene Panagos, Evan

David is the President of the Guild of Creative Art. You know me, the guy in the background, foreground and all around this endeavor! 

 "Dinner for One"  written by Stephanie Griffin

Alitia Faccone- Lucy

Evan Harris- Robbie                                                               

"Connected or not" written by Evan Harris

Rene Panagos- Cleopatra

Evan Harris- Tim, Spartacus 


                                                                              Playwrights & CAst

 "Dinner for One"                                                "Shadow People"                                  "Soul Mates"                                       "Connected  or Not"                              

Stephanie Griffin- Playwright                          Shelia Duane- Playwright                  Mary Carol Stunkel -Playwright               Evan Krachman - Playwright

Alitia Faccone- Lucy                                    Veronica Vasquez- Guadalupe               Dawn Gaylardo- Woman                         Renee Panagos- Cleopatra                                  

Evan Krachman- Robbie                                  Mona Davidson- Fafisa                       Joe Fernandes- Man                                Evan Krachman-Tim, Headphone man& Barrista