Android Loves Apples will always be a favorite of mine. Renee and Denis made this a great little one act! This play idea started by a text " Virtual Emoticons in faceless World", that morphed into this story. I've expanded this into a full length play and maybe someday, I'll get to produce it

What a great staged reading this was. Ryan Ward really carried this play with such force and enthusiasm! Loved working with him and hope to work again with him in the future!. Lisa Siano, Mary Kelly, Ben Krachman and Topher were also great to work with.

Toms River Anthology by Alexis Kozak- Renee Panagos

and me...practicing in the yard.

Denis Couglan, made this piece come alive! I liked his performance so much I was able to have him play the part of Emoji in Android Loves Apple.


For my friends that may not have been able to attend one of my staged readings. There is no substitution for "Being There". These videos were captured merely as a way to record the event and are in no way a true representation of the actors work. You just don't get the same experience when you watch this on a pc, mac or tablet. So, I urge you to attend my next play or staged reading in the flesh!