Artwork: Rusted Lock – Watercolor
 Artist: Frank Colaguori
 Playwright: Evan Krachman.
 Cast: Renee Panagos as Catharine,     Evan Krachman as Reg Davi

Artwork: Bonanza Shooting Gallery – Watercolor
 Artist: Jill Alexander
 Playwright: Shelia Duane.
Cast: Jim Benner as Detective Robinson,
Renee Panagos as Detective Butler
Maggie Condon as Mrs. Melvile

Staged Readings from Playwrights in the Guild

Artwork: Ready to Sail – Oil Painting Artwork:  Artist: Yelena Snovsky i Playwright: Alexis Kozak.  Cast: PJ Benson, Steven Kapsaskis, Alexis Kozak 

Reggie Davis at the Ships Inn! 


The Playwrights! 10/22/2017

Artwork: Last Touch of Light – Oil Painting 
Artist: Valerie Morone 
Playwright: Mary Kelly. 
Cast: Joe Aviles


Alexis Kozak, Mary Kelly, Shelia Duane,Evan Krachman and Jim Benner.

Artwork: Between Far Away and a Fox – Oil Painting Artwork: Dining Inside and Out – Oil Painting
Artist: Sven Widen Artist: Ratna Mathur
Playwright- Jim Benner. 
Cast: Carl Hoffman as the man,

Wendy Peace as the woman Cast:
Stage Directions: Janey Huber