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Krachman has been going back to his communication roots with two endeavors. For the past 9 years he’s been volunteering at Red Bank Regional High School with the Visual Performing Arts Academy. Concentrating in the Creative Writers program, he works closely with Dr. Gretna Wilkinson, the program director. Krachman has created a unique mix of improvisation acting and writing workshops to help hone their creative thought process. The idea is to use utilize these creative skills and adapt them to real world applications so students could apply these skills for the rest of their lives no matter what profession they choose.

For the past 5 years Krachman has been honing his writing skills as a playwright, taking classes at NJ Repertory Theater and working with the Black Box Theater in Asbury Park, where he’s had several staged readings. He’s developing works inspired by his love of science fiction and the absurdity of life as we know it. Krachman lives in Shrewsbury NJ with his wife Kerry and two of his best co-inventions, his daughter Emily and son Benjamin.

A graduate of Monmouth University class of 1985, Krachman holds a BA Speech and Communications degree.  

You know, I just did it because I have a lot to say!

Me and my editor, Madison Blues Krachman.

All writing, podcasts, videos are copyrighted material owned by Evan Krachman. No plays can be performed without written permission by the author, the copyright holder Evan Krachman.  

Rehearsing with Carl Hoffman for "Bombing of Flint". He's a great actor and hope to work with him in the future. Acting is not my favorite thing to do, as I much prefer to be behind the scenes.  

Why Plays?!

Innovative- Creative and slightly off center

I can't build a theater, so why not bring the productions to my very own Podcast that would cater to the theater  community? That is how PlaywrightsSpeak was born.