Muy Caliente!

NJ Rep " Some Like it Hot" Theatre Brut October 2019

Produced by NJ Repertory Company. Also you can order 

this play though Smith and Kraus Publishers. A collection

of 16 short plays. 


Harris Intelitech, LLC


Founded: 2017

Owner: Evan Krachman


Areas of expertise: Writing, directing, producing, system design and integration, trouble shooting, patent development and complaining .

You can find my podcasts on iTunes and Spotify, Just look search for PlaywrightsSpeak 

About the Writer, Producer, Director, Artist, etc, etc,  

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Innovative, Creative and Slightly off center 

Cherry Pie Baby

Dromio Players- New Jersey Arts Center- Ocean Grove- September 2019 


Plays you may have seen or heard about

Evan Krachman has been honing his writing skills as a playwright for many years. His first play; " The birds sound better of there...don't they?",  published in the Monmouth Review was written in 1984 while studying at Monmouth University. In 2012 he started taking classes at NJ Repertory Theater. His first and best playwriting teacher Martyna Majok was an inspiration  that he would never forget. Plays have been staged with the Black Box Theater in Asbury Park, NJ Repertory Theater in Long Branch and the Holmdel Theatre Company. 

To date he has written 69 plays, that's right and he's still trying to get it right
He’s developing works inspired by his love of science fiction and the absurdity of life as we know it. Krachman lives in Shrewsbury NJ with his wife Kerry. He has two adult children Emily and Ross Benjamin.

A graduate of Monmouth University class of 1985, Krachman holds a BA Speech and Communications degree.  be behind the scenes