Biography of Plays...59 and counting

The adventures of Beatrice Bubbles 

A new children's book being developed by Evan Harris. 


Innovative, Creative and Slightly off center 


 HIDE IN YOUR SHELL - March 10, 2020



1.Muy Caliente " Some Like it Hot. Theatre Brut Festival- NJ REP October 2019 

2.Topaz Yellow

3.Cherry Pie Baby  NJ Arts Center - Dromio Players September 2019 

4.Colony 53  " honorable mention" 

5.A reason for hate, a reason for love

6.Connected or Not- Staged reading- Playwrights in the Guild- November 11,2018.

7.Rumor- submitted and rejected August 2018

8.Lost in the woods without a GPS-  June 2018 

9.The Twit the Puppet and the Pawn-Podcast May 2018 PlaywrightsSpeak

Rusted Lock- Staged reading, Playwrights Speak @ The Guild of Creative Art October 22, 2017 * Podcast- PlaywrightsSpeak

“Cassandra Amid the Corn - Staged reading, Black Box into the Guild of Creative Art- May 21, 2017* Podcast PlaywrightsSpeak
Post OP- June 2017
Dandelion is between them”    April 2017                 Table read NJ Rep
“Maria’s Wish”                            July 2017               PlaywrightsSpeak Podcast          
“Peace Talks”                              May 2017    Table read NJ Rep& podcast
“The Unveiling”                             May 2017                      
“Dogs Nose”                                           May 2017
“Dying for Vermont” Staged Reading, Dec 2016  NJ Repertory Theater
 “Android Loves Apple”- Summer Shorts series- (15 Minutes Plays) Black Box tries on its summer shorts, July 20, 2016 at the Middletown Arts Center.
The Smartest Bird I know          June 2016
My Cadillac makes a funny noise April 2016
“Avenue of the states”                          June 2016

23.“Empty Shells”                                       June 2016                     

24.“Press to Talk” Staged Reading (full Length) Count Basie Theater Red Bank NJ, October 31, 2015.

25.“My Favorite Jew- Guiding your Llama through the anti-Semitic seas of the universe”- March 2015, Staged Reading, Black Box Theater Asbury Park, New Jersey


26.Little Miss Moonachie- Staged Reading, Woods Theater, Monmouth University November 2015. (Full Length Play)


“Flying to LA with Lana”             October 2015   Table read “La Strada”,- NJ      


It’s either Sadness or Euphoria         December 2015


“Pardon Me Mr. President”-       November 2015  Table read Manhattan Rep
Patriot Act”                                 October 2015  Table read Manhattan Rep
License to Beg                           June 2015
The Most Human Tal Bot         August 2015  
The Happiest Day of my Life        July 2015      Know Theatre


34.“Winning Asbury”; Douglas Morrison Theater, 4th Annual Cage Match.                                  June 15th 2015

Stolen History                         November 2014    


The Last Artifact                      December 2014   Table read Black Box Asbury


  The Perfect Rabbi Service    May 2014   *Permission granted for Rabbinical Training

38. “The Only Living Boy in NYC Vs. The Intergalactic Highway, Mall and Incinerator Corporation”, -10 Minute Play Competition- Abingdon Theater                                        April 2014


39.“8 Random Numbers”, Staged Reading, Black Box Theater, Asbury Park New Jersey,                                 April 2014


40.“Home Sweet Home”- Staged Reading New Jersey Repertory Theater- Long Branch NJ, Playwright Workshop- Spring 2013


41.“My Ro”- Staged Reading, Strand Theater, Lakewood NJ- New Playwrights-On-The-Rise.                              May 2013 (Full Length)


Stop and Frisk                                        December 2013 


What’s that Art?                                      November 2013


 “Lost in Mind”- Staged Reading, New Jersey Repertory Theater, Long Branch NJ- Playwright Workshop-Fall 2012


The Happiness Coach                 Home Sweet Home Mini series 2012-2015
Dinner and Luminica                  “                                             “
Mr. Fabulous                                “                                            “
The Doctor is in,he’s really in    “                                             “
Doctor Harris Vs. Marty              “                                            “
Marty comes Home                      “                                           “
It was her time                             “                                            “
Guess who’s coming to dinner   “                                           “
“Outside General Vaya’s Window April 2013       Table read NJ Rep
Victor Filamente                                 October 2012        Table read NJ REP
This must be the Hotel Seville           June 2012
Death Goes to Therapy                         October 2012         Table read NJ Rep


The Birds Sound better of there, Don’ they?  April  1985   Published by Monmouth Review  Monmouth University